Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

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Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by Vaga » Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:29 am

Oranos, is the Atlantean god of the sky is a very powerful god indeed usually called Over powered
commonly said to be the 2nd Best God (right behind Isis) There are many strategies with Oranos
the most common seems to be the 4:30 7 villager start up, but you need to remember you can do
other things then the 4:30 which will be listed in this guide.

The First 5 Seconds of Oranos
Here is the first 5 seconds of my Oranos, each line is a second.
•Right when the green bar is done loading I press the Town Center Hotkey the the villager hotkey once to queue 1 up
•Look and see if there is enough food For Hunting dogs, if so use the 4:30 build, if not use the 4:00 build. If it is a water map find water and go 4:40 galley rush.
•Send your first oracle to scout
•Press the autoqueue button at the Town Center to autoqueue villagers
•Send out my remaining oracles as they come out

Main Build Ups/Strategies

4:00 Build Up
These build is for vsing somebody who will up faster then a 4:30 and rush you to defend or you want
to rush them very quick and hard. This build is a bit harder to do then the 4:30 since you must be
faster but is effective when perfected.

OK our starting Citizen will go to food, DO NOT make an Economic Guild or this will NOT work.
Our second Citizen will go to food too.
Our third Citizen will hop on the Band wagon and go to Food
The fourth Citizen will make a house then gather 5 wood (1 hit on a tree) for the next Citizen then make a Temple-
-then go to Food.
Then fifth Citizen will go to Food also.
The sixth Citizen go's to gold.
Advance to the Classical Age through Promotheus, now put 2 Food Citizen's on wood and 1 Food
Citizen to gold. You should now have 1 food, 3 wood, and 2 gold. (Send 1 vill from wood from wood to food when u near classic)

Once you have reached Classical age autoqueue Citizen's again and make either, 2 Counter Barracks
or 1 Counter Barracks and 1 Military Barracks. Now autoqueue Promotheans at your temple, autoqueue only Turma at your Counter Barracks, and only Murmillo at your Military Barracks.
Now raid them with your promos, murmillo, and turma and kill there economy and try and take minamal
to no military loses to kill him without him killing you.

4:30 Build Up
This is the usual build up for Oranos and is recommended you use this most of the time. It involves
raiding the any until his economy is wiped out and there’s no hope and he resigns.

Our starting Citizen will build a Economic Guild (buy hunting dogs) then go to food.
The second Citizen go's to food.
The third citizen go's to wood
The fourth Citizen go's to gold, once you have 80 wood and 25+ gold build a manor with your gold ville
then send him back to gold
The fifth Citizen go's to food.
The sixth Citizen go's to food (make a temple at this point, about 3.05 usually with either gold or wood vill)
The seventh Citizen go's to gold
Advance to the Classical Age through Promotheus. after u adv u should have 2food, 3 wood, 2 gold, buy both gold/wood upgrades at eco guild

Once you reach classical age autoqueue citizens again and auto queue Promotheans, then build 2 Counter Barracks and 1 Military Barracks, autoqueue Turma from both counter barracks and autoqueue murmillo from your military barracks.

Archaic 2nd TC Grab
This is a good strategy to do a boom/rush with it gives you 9 villes and a 2nd TC with a 6 minute Classical.

make eco guild, get hunting dogs, food
The second Citizen go's to food
The third Citizen go's to wood
Fourth Citizen gold. (manor @ 25 gold)
Fifth Citizen go's to gold.
Sixth Citizen go's to wood
next go to tc
food(make temple)

adv about 5.50-6mins

Once you have reached classical age autoqueue Citizens at both your TC's and autoqueue Prometheans at
your temple. Put up a few counter barracks and 1 military barracks and autoqueue Turma at your counter
barracks and autoqueue Murmillo at your military barracks.

Copper Weapons, Copper Mail, Pickaxe, Shaft Mine, Husbandry, Hunting dogs, Handaxe, Bow Saw, and be in the Heroic Age.

4:40 3 Dock Bireme Rush
This is a great strategy for Water (mostly Midgard and Mediterrainian though) it allows for a 6 Citizen,
4:40 classical age time with 3 docks pumping Biremes.

Our starting citizen makes a dock and then goes to wood or food which ever is closer.
Make 2 fishing Ships.
Our 2nd Citizen gos to food if our starting citizen went to wood, he gos to wood if the starting citizen
went to food.
Our 3rd Citizen gos to Our 4th Citizen goes to food, when u have 80 wood, make a manor and go to wood
Our 4th Citizen goes to food
Our 5th Citizen goes to food
Our 6th Citizen goes to food (make temple)
Our 7th Citizen goes to gold
Start advancing around 3:40 or so.
Once you start advancing move vills so i have 2 on gold, 4 on wood and a builder making another dock and a manor.

when u adv u have 2 choices, make a 3rd dock and go full grush, or make a barracks and aq murms + proms and attack on land ASWELL as fight all the time with galleys from 2 docks
Minor Gods
Each Major God has a set of 6 minor gods and Oranos has a nice set of minor gods for sure, each will be listed
with its God Power, Myth Unit, and special Techs/buildings.

Classical Age Minor Gods

PROMOTHEUS, is almost 100% of the time your best choice because, 1. Valor saves you about 500 resourses
from heroizing and helps you defend from myth units which are the Atlantean's weakness which this god power
kills that weakness for a while into the game. 2. His unit the promothean is a super cheap quick training myth unit
that is very strong imo for early game, it splits in half so they must kill it twice, it has decent crush attack, 6 of them
can kill a completely unguarded TC.

Target a group of units to turn them into heroes instantly, this does it for 3 units, and 1 Citizen if theres one by.
You save about (if you hit 3 units and 1 Citizen) 700 resourses in all average, this god power is invaluable imo.
Valor can be used 3 times.

90 gold 10 favor
4.00 Speed
175 Hitpoints
80% Crush Armor
50% Hack Armor
25% Pierce Armor
5 Crush Attack
10 Hack Attack
Once promotheans die, they split into 2 and both the Offsprings have half the stats of the main one.

Alluvial Clay
150 Gold
12 Favor
Increases the amount of Hitpoints your Promotheans have by 30%

Heart of the Titans
200 Gold
20 Favor
Decreases the cost of heroizing units by 30% in Food, Gold, and Wood.

Oceanus is the god of water, his myth units both can heal 1 for water and 1 for air. The caladria he has is a
great scout but expensive. His techs effect Infantry.

Were you target this summons a Carnivorus plant that has a special ability that it will auto-kill any normal unit.
It has decent stats, but it cannot move which makes it incredibly vulnarable to archers.
This god power can be used 3 times.

125 gold
15 favor
300 Hitpoints
5.50 speed
3 pop
80% Crush Armor
25% Hack Armor
30% Pierce Armor
4 Crush Attack
8 Hack Attack
Servants can heal any unit on the sea, can if they can heal units on the shoreline as well, they also can attack
if they have too in a battle.

100 Wood
25 Gold
10 Favor
125 Hitpoints
6.00 Speed
2 pop
99% Crush Armor
10% Hack Armor
20% Pierce Armor
Caladria are aireal healers that also have a large Line of Sight so they are fast, and very good scouters, but
they a very costly and weak and have no attack.

Bite of the Shark
200 Food
15 Favor
Bite of the Shark gives Murmillo a extra 15% hack damage.

Weightless Mace
200 Food
25 Favor
Weightless Mace increases Katapeltes Speed by 10% and there hack attack by 15%.

Heroic Age Minor Gods

Theia is usually the best choice for Heroic age (since Hyperion's GP, and unit sucks and his techs aren't
to good either) she focuses on Calvary.

Hesperides Tree
Hesperides Tree is a decent GP which acts like a Isis Monument and blocks God powers, a long with that
you can make a Dyrads, which are 150 gold and a decent myth units which take NO pop. You can only
have a maximum of 5 dyrads out at once and Hesperides Trees can be captured by enemys.
This god power can be used 2 times.

200 Wood
50 Gold
25 Favor
400 Hitpoints
3.60 Speed
4 Pop
15 Range
80% Crush Armor
15% Hack Armor
30% Pierce Armor
11 Pierce Attack
Stymphalian Bird's are a powerful aireal unit but expensive, they get a huge multiplyer vs. Myth units and
they fire about 3 Projectiles so if all 3 hit thats about 33 Pierce Damage, not to bad imo smile.gif .

Lemurian Descendants
50 Food
75 Gold
8 Favor
Lemurian Descendant's gives all your units a extra 9 Line of Sight.

Poseidon's Secrets
300 Food
35 Favor
Poseidon's Secrets gives Contauris a extra 10% Speed and 15% Hack attack, this tech is awesome for
Contauris if you are doing so, this is a must get.

Lance of Stone
300 Gold
12 Favor
Lance of Stone makes all your Hero Contauris get a large bonus vs. Buildings.

Hyperion isn't the best god, infact he has a stinky God power and myth unit and his techs aren't to great
either. The only reason you might go him is vs. a Syclla Spammer.

Target a group of enemy units to turn them to gaia, this makes them attack everybody so they
could attack your enemy, or you might be unlucky and have those units attack you anyways.
Can be used 3 times.

225 Wood
18 Favor
400 Hitpoints
3.75 Speed
3 Pop
16 Range
80% Crush Armor
50% Hack Armor
50% Pierce Armor
12 Pierce Attack
Satyr's are bad Myth units in my opinion there costly weak for a heroic age unit compared to lets say
a Stymphalian Bird. I advise to not make these.

200 Gold
15 Favor
400 Hitpoints
5.00 Speed
3 Pop
80% Crush Armor
30% Hack Armor
50% Pierce Armor
25 Hack Attack
The reason i said the only time you might go Hyperion is vs. a Syclla Spammer is because of these, this
people get a whopping 600% Bonus Damage vs. Water Myth Units making a couple of these will own a Syclla
Spam also with a few Archer Ships to kill there Hammer Ships

Heroic Renewal
150 Food
150 Gold
20 Favor
Heroic Renewal allows your Hero unit's to regenarate at about 1.5 Hitpoints every second.

350 Wood
150 Gold
25 Favor
Satyr's throw a extra 3 javelins when doing there attack, this tech is a complete waste of resourses imo
give it a pass.

Mythic Age Minor Gods

Hekate is the Goddess of Chaos, which is basically what she can do, cause a lot of Chaos she is ideal
if you going to get the Titan which granted most atlantean do.

Tartarian Gate
This god power causes a lot of havoc and is very powerful indeed, when you place it you open a gate to
Tartarus and it will constantly summon Tartarian Beast's until destroyed which the monster's are very
powerful. But only a max of 6 can be out at once but once 1 dies it will be replaced. If you place
the Tartarian Gate under a building correctly it will destroy it. If are going to build a Titan you
this as a slight distraction while you build it >=).
Can be used 1 time.

250 Gold
25 Favor
350 Hitpoints
4.30 Speed
5 Pop
10 Range
80% Crush Armor
40% Hack Armor
50% Pierce Armor
10 Crush Attack
12 Pierce Attack
Yet another chaos causer this witch's ability is to make a enemy unit turn to Gaia this becomes hostile
to all, like a Mini Chaos God power. When it dies it sprays blood which does a bit of damage to units
around it.

Asper Blood
200 Wood
250 Gold
15 Favor
This tech makes your Lampades blood spray stronger, for the cost of this thing and what it does, i say

Mythic Rejuvanation
300 Gold
30 Favor
If you going to get a Titan this tech is invaluable. It makes all myth units regenarate 2 Hitpoints a
second, this includes the Titan.

200 Gold
10 Favor
Decreases the training time of myth units by 60%, this tech is pretty cheap if your massing Myth units
i say give it a go.

Helios is a good god to choose if you don't plan on going for a Titan he is a very good god. He is the
only Minor god that gives you a building, and he gives you the best Siege weapon in the game... the heka...

Vortex is a very good god power that only has a 1 minute cool down time, Vortex instantly teleports all
your units on the map were you target it, if you units are off fighting some where and you get surprise
attacked you can use Vortex and fend off the attack. Or you could do a surprise attack in there base
and destroy him that way etc.

300 Gold
25 Favor
850 Hitpoints
3.30 Speed
5 Pop
80% Crush Armor
44% Hack Armor
44% Pierce Armor
30 Crush Attack
25 Hack Attack
Heka Gigantes are like Tanks, the have large Hitpoints, good armor and a monsterous attack. There also
the only myth unit that can use its special on Heros which makes it very powerful, its special bashes
back the soldiers attacking it and damages them at the same time.

300 Food
25 Favor
900 Hitpoints
6.00 Speed
5 Pop
8 Range
80% Crush Armor
50% Hack Armor
69% Pierce Armor
25 Hack Attack
Man 'o' Wars attack is similar to that of the Son of Osiris with a lighting chain attack, thought its range
sucks and its a water myth unit since water battle is almost never in Mythic age *cough* useless *cough*.

Halo of the Sun
350 Gold
20 Favor
LIKE ZOMG ITS HALO!!! Well no its not, this tech increases Fire Siphon's damage by 25% and Fire Ships damage
by 20%. Usefull if your using a lot of Fire Siphon vs. a Turtler/Tower spammer.

Petrified increases all your Siege units Hack armor by 15%, if your enemy is using a lot of Melee units and
killing your siege then this is the tech for you.

Mirror Tower
300 Wood
150 Gold
5 Favor
1100 Hitpoints
22 Range
5% Crush Armor
30% Hack Armor
85% Pierce Armor
15 Pierce Attack
Its not a Technology, its not a Myth units, its the only Building given by a Minor god called the Mirror Tower.
The mirror tower does not shoot Arrows it shoots a beam of light similar to that of the Petsuchos Ra, its
100% Accurate which makes it pretty good, if you need some extra defense in a battle try making some Mirror

Unit Combos/Help vs. Certain Civs
Some times you need something different then Promothean, Murmillo, and Turma vs. some civs, you will need to
adjust your strategy.

Versus a Zeus you might get hoplite rushed so you will need to make cheiroballista/Turma/Murmillo combo to
fend off the Toxete, Hoplite, and Hippikon Combo but you will need to micro a lot to win those battles.

You will most likely need a lot of Turma since he will most likely Toxete spam, later you will need to adjust
you units to what he does, for example of he goes Hoplite/Toxete, you will need of course Cheiroballita/Turma.

You will usually need a good amount of Katapeltes or Murmillo to counter his Calvary and his raids, you might
want to throw in a few Turma incase he starts making Toxete all of a sudden.

Katapeltes and Turma, Katapeltes micro'ed on the Camelry/Elephants and Turma on the Slingers (if any) and the
Chariot Archers, the key is scouting his migdol to see what he is making.

Raid them hard in the beginning keep Isis completely off gold or once she gets Heroic the a/e And Chariot or
Elephants will usually kill you, unless of course he go's Classical fight and he won't get the Migdol units.

The key is to scout vs. him since he might go classical fight or Go FH.

Thor you must kill before he gets to Mythic age, once he does he will almost always go Ragnarok if he
is in a tight position the goal is to raid/and micro your butt off and own his army tongue.gif.

Odin will usually make Throwing axemen and Raiding Calvary or go FH, or both strats make Katapeltes and

Loki is a Atlantean killer, all the myth spam you MUST go through Promotheus, it is usually smart to go
Krush style and go..
Starting ville food DO NOT make a economic guild.
2nd Ville food
3rd Ville food
4th Ville make manor then temple then go food
5th ville go food
Once you start advancing gather 125 food then make 2 food villes go wood and 2 food villes go gold then
autoqueue citizen.
Once you advance autoqueue Promotheans and make 2 counter barracks both making turma, kill there foword
base and stop there rush then after that just raid them to death smile.gif.

Same applys to the Kronos and Loki, he will most likely Krush you so go Krush Style Build and fight him
from there usually whoever has best economy, better micro will win.

Go 4:30 start and go Murmillo, Promothean, Turma, whoever has better economy, and whoever can micro the
others turma heros and kill the promotheans with your turma heros will usually win.

Main weakness=Myth units just go 4:30 and rush/raid them like crazy should usually win.

I hope everybody liked my guide and this helps Oranos a bit, i am no expert or super good player, but I
thought i might try and help some of the newer Oranos players out a bit.

Thanks too
XpT_Cyclone's records for helping me get better at Oranos.
GhettoShot/GhettoShot4tw for helping me on what to do vs. what civs.
To Warrior Nation for being such a great clan and to WNxSpectre for being a awesome Leader.
To WNxLookOutt for recruiting me and helping me when i needed, you Rock man!
Thanks to KRT_Action, for helping me with build orders and supporting this guide the most thanks man!
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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by Chicks » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:49 am

Old, but definitely a great guide!

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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by modestas15 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:01 pm

Great guide! I bet you spend a lot of time to write everything and test it. But I like it for the first mach it was useful!
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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by Vaga » Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:48 pm

nope did not write it
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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by Demonoid » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:29 am

I wrote this

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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by Vaga » Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:32 pm

no its was some wnx memeber but it was a community written guide as the pro player provided and corrected builds
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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by masterika » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:56 pm

It would be greatvif somebody made collection of oranos recorded games vs different gods and different map situations(naming with appropriate patch version) and upload

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Re: Guide to oranos from rts-sanctuary.

Unread post by Chicks » Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:18 am

masterika wrote:It would be greatvif somebody made collection of oranos recorded games vs different gods and different map situations(naming with appropriate patch version) and upload
Hey what's up! long time. Btw, i think you were the oranos expert :P

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