Site Upgrade March 2015

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Site Upgrade March 2015

Unread post by AndreiM » Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:56 pm

 ! Message from: AndreiM
Hello users,
Currently updating the website.
Here are some improvements that have been done in order to improve experience:

March 10-14 2015
  1. Added HTTPS. That's right, our site is now secure and thus no man in the middle attacks.. Caring about your security :)
  2. Upgraded Hosting. Now have a dedicated server with a unique IP address. That means content will be brought to you much faster.
  3. Deletion of all files. Dared to delete every file to start from scratch. Overall improved website cache server.
  4. Upgraded PHPBB. Updated phpbb to use latest technology, improving loading time, performance, and security of the website. This also fixes bugs and errors that were present before.
  5. New database. Decided to destroy and burn the old database and only keep content that is relevant to users. This optimization improved speed, performance, security, bugs. Basically removed most of trash that we kept for no reason.
  6. New Portal. Have updated portal to making it more dynamic. Got rid of errors that were relevant.
  7. New theme. Made site wider and more cleaner to look at.
  8. New banner. No more use of flash. The banner is now visible in iPhones and other apple products. Less loading time...
  9. Return to the top. At the bottom right you can click the arrow to return to the top of the page.
  10. Advanced Posting. Now you can add effects when posting like this or this and customize fonts, add YouTube Videos, or add any type of video from hundred of sites. Add music from soundcloud even write text backwards
  11. Stars. That's right you will now get a star based on how many years you have been a member :)
  12. Database now backups automatically, making sure that the posts and changes never gets lost.
  13. Board Announcements. Administrators can now announce important messages to the whole website in a fun way :)
  14. Breadcrumbs. we now have breadcrumbs menu with ability to go to a topic without clicking many times :)
  15. Outdated browsers. For people that use an old browser, we display a happy message that encourages people to upgrade.
  16. All links will now open in external tab. This will make sure you never leave PK Clan website by accident.
  17. Holiday items. Different "themes" to celebrate holidays :) Expect site to change during the holidays!
  18. Avatars will now be displayed on a person who last posted in the forum. Making it easy to recognize who posts a lot for example.
  19. Online Status. An improved online status will be displayed.
  20. Added improved "Custom" pages.
  21. New editor for certain pages
  22. Password strength will be displayed when registering or changing password making sure that your password is secure enough :)
  23. New autoban feature. A spammer will now get autobanned with predefined settings.
  24. Display ages on the forum. Posts will now display your age, if you don't want it to be displayed go to user settings and remove your birthday.
  25. Similar topics. If you liked the topic, you can scroll to the bottom and find similar topics that maybe relevant to what you want to read.
  26. Topics are made pretty by displaying the type of topic it is (i.e. sticky, locked, etc...)
  27. Display of private messages will now display graphically whether your PM inbox is empty or full.
  28. Deletion of Logs. A System admin feature that will help site remove useless junk from database.
  29. Referrer addition. Now KNOWing what site you visited before coming to this site. So uh...letting you know...
  30. Topic Author. Author of the post will have "Topic Author" displayed next to him/her.
  31. Avatars are now reset. So please upload your new avatar :)
  32. Added more uploadable extensions.
  33. Google OAuthentication. You can now tie your google account with PK Clan. That means as long as you are logged in at google, you will never ever have to remember your username or password for PK Clan website every again! So please connect PK Clan with google and signing in will be a snap )
March 15 2015
  • NEW Twitter Mod. Providing live updates every 12 seconds :) ENJOY!
  • Fixed bugs with logging in and "Remember Me".
  • Forced use of HTTPS (can't get content via HTTP anymore), security :)
  • Gzip compression. Enabled use of gzip making the site 300% faster during loading.
  • Removed portal due to it still being unstable.
  • Updated CDN to further improve speed.
  • Added Original Flash banner due to Chicks request.
  • Automatic Database backup will occur each day!
  • More database optimizations
March 16 2015
  • Smileys are back :) Now with even MORE smilies! Note the top ones are bigger than bottom ones :) :grin
  • Added Gallery of AOE3 avatars! Check them out when changing your avatar :)
  • New Icon for people who do not have avatars!
  • New Icons for the website posts!
  • Removed Extra fields in the profile! Database clean up!
  • Updated Twitter Mod
Coming Soon:
This post will be updated with more info available.

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Re: Site Upgrade March 2015

Unread post by AndreiM » Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:07 pm


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