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View the latest post Ro16 Streaming Schedule

Attention Ro16 participants, all matches Will be streamed. Please schedule now in the dedicated forums.
Inactivity or lack of scheduling will result in being removed and replaced from the tournament.

Match #17-20 Scheduling
[PK]TheMistaGreco Vs. Bouarim
TSM_player Vs. [mG]Ero_
IamAvely Vs. [Mpt_]Ert_
[TO [...]

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View the latest post PK AoT Tournament 5: Brackets

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View the recorded games @ viewforum.php?f=391
Schedule @ http://www.pkclan.net/forums

View the groups here in full length(Must open topic):
[html]<iframe src="https://binarybeast.com/xAoM1407080#groups" class="binarybeast" width="900" height="1000" scrolling= [...]

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View the latest post $2500 Open PK Tournament 5: Rules & Sign-ups

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PK AoT Tournament 5 Open $2500 USD

The PK clan is proudly presenting PK AoT Tournament 5 and releasing the Sign-Ups! The tournament is open to anyone with a Voobly account. 80 applicants for the group stage will be seeded for the Group Stage on July 11, 2014.

Application Format
It's Importan [...]

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